Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Attract Women Fast Blog

Welcome to the attract women fast blog. Here I will describe one of the crucial mindsets to have in order to be able to pick up women successfully. Without further ado, let's get started.

Risk Perverted

Oh my god, that made me masturbate so hard and long, yum – Sexy Cindy
I’m going to have to get me some dick right now – Candy
Made me so fucking horny. My pussy is dripping wet. Loved it! - Lolly
- – -
You’re not one of those ew sex types are you? Just like when it comes to being seductive you want to risk creepy, when it’s obviously “on” and it comes time for getting sexual, you want to risk being perverted.

Eww Gross

If she calls you “gross” or implies that you are perverted, remember this is also a test. She doesn’t want you to think she is a slut. What healthy normal woman doesn’t love sex? But once a woman makes a face implying that a man is perverted or tells him he’s “dirty”, he usually retreats form the sexual discussion and aggressive touching. He doesn’t want to upset her and blow it.

“just remember I’m a lady”
For a second she really has him convinced thatwomen don’t love sex.

The Genuine Insider
Instead of getting upset or thrown off by her resistance, diffuse these situations by having the
sexual comfort talk. The best way to comfort a woman with ASD is to let her know that you are an “insider” and you totally understand her dilemma. Of course she loves sex, but pressure from society and men to be pure forces her to pretend that she doesn’t. She has been pretending so long she might even think it’s true. You also understand this leads to bad sex for her because most men treat her as if she was fragile. Don’t turn this sex talk into a joke. Be very genuine and sympathize with her when talking about this topic.

Role Play
Role playing is a great tool for overcoming a woman’s fear of seeming slutty. For example, if you make it a game to pretend you are the dominant jerk who only cares about sex and she is your submissive slave who needs to be punished, she will be able to relax and enjoy herself. The same dynamic comes into play every year on Slutoween.

“I’m going to teach your ass a lesson” (text message) Another way to get around ASD is sexting. Women get aroused by the written word and they love getting text messages. Even if you are sitting right next to her. This is actually one real benefit of getting her number early in the night.

Women Are Pervs
“Women love sex MORE than we do” You already know women like sex. Well good for you. But did you ever stop and think about how perverted they really are. It’s not enough to just think women like sex as much as men do. The only way to really drive the point home is to remember women love sex more than we do. We are not equals. Take a second to think about what you really want to do. Now can you tell a woman you just met about it. For example, maybe you would like to order her to lick your ass as you jerk off in her face and get it all
on tape. I bet you would never admit something like this yourself, let alone tell a woman you just met about it. The funny thing is this is pretty tame compared to a woman’s fantasy.

The good news is women are just as perverted as us, if not worse (or better). A great frame to have is that your sexual aggressiveness is fulfilling a fantasy for her.

Double Standard
“women sneak peeks at guys packages like we do with their breasts”

How many women have dildos shaped like cocks in their underwear drawer. Not to mention a 12″ rubber cock to suck on. But if a guy has a pocket pussy or a blowup doll then he is supposedly a pervert. It’s funny, women don’t want the rest of a man, they only want the cock. And we are the pervs…sure.

You will never see a product or commercial on TV about how to improve male masturbation(ie. the fleshlight) but there is one for Trojan’s Vibrating touch fingertip massager on ESPN.
Undercover cops don’t hang out in women’s restrooms trying to catch them rubbing their clits. It’s much easier for a man to get caught masturbating then a woman.

- – -
Do not be ashamed of your genitals (covering up, body language) and never hide your boner.

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